Edith Head Documentary

Edith Head is the world's most famous costume designer and her remarkable story has yet to told be for the screen...until now.


In this one-in-a-million story you will get to know the real woman and not just the costume designer.


Edith Head's story is one for the record books and sure to inspire.


Edith Head was a costume designer on over a 1000 movies. Many of them award winning classics that garnered her 35 nominations and a record 8 Academy Awards.


Edith shared the stage with many film and television icons of the day who would became instrumental in her rise to fame.


This unique portrait of the icon will explore for the first time

Edith's life and love behind the scenes and the disease that she

kept hidden from everyone that would eventually take her life.


Intimate details of her struggles in the male driven industry and the storied affairs that threatened to destroy her career.


Part artists, part Svengali, Edith dominated with her wit and witticisms. She made it to the top but the struggle to be the best, and stay the best, did stop until she took her last breath.


Her story made history and will undoubtedly continue to inspire today.





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